"How to Re-create and Re-sell
Multiple Digital Products as
Fast and Easy as Possible" 

Let Me Show You Everything
You Need to Know About
Re-creating And Re-selling MRR & PLR products.
That Are Already Created And Waiting For You.

Don't Waste Six Months Trying To Create A Product
When I Can Show You How To Do It In A Few Hours

Greetings Info-product Marketer,

First of all I'd like to thank you for visiting, you are most welcome. If you are looking for a clear and easy-to-understand step by step manual that will explain in full detail everything there is to know about re-creating and selling high quality resale rights and private label rights products you have certainly come to the right place.

If you are looking for a manual that, after you finish it you know exactly what to do and you are not left scratching your head wondering if you missed something and wondering should you read it again, then this is the book for you. A lot of ebooks out there give you the impression that they are giving you the information you need but they are really not telling you everything you need to know, they always seem to leave something out, and you find that out after you've read the book and are none-the-wiser.

After reading my step by step manual you will know exactly what to do and you will have these products online in only a few hours. In-fact, if after reading the material in this manual, you still don't know what to do just follow the videos included, and if you still don't know what to do, just send me an email and I will arrange a full refund for you immediately!

Let Me Show You:

check Where to find the best high-quality products that you can resell.
check How to choose your domain name and where to register it.
check How to choose the best web hosting for you.
check How to edit your index page, product page and download page.
check What payment processors to choose.
check How to insert your order buttons and links.
check How to upload your files to your web host.
check How to make your download page secure.
check Get targeted traffic to your website.
check Creating and Selling Info Products.
check How to add bonuses to your product page to improve your offer.
check The Art of Reselling MRR & PLR
check How to up-sell to your customers.
check Promoting Your Products.
check Using PLR Products
check And more...everything you need to know in this 62 page manual.

Digital Product Creators

Now you may be asking yourself: if it's so good and it's everything I need, then why is it only $27? especially when you also get Master Resale Rights? Well...It's only that price because it's a relatively new product, and I am hoping that after you purchase it and get your own products up and running, you will then consider writing me a testimonial so I can add a few to this page. I know it's a low price for a MRR & PLR product, that also comes with Master Resale Rights, and I understand too well there is a danger of it being perceived as a low value $27 item, but it will be going up in price very soon. This price will certainly not remain, it is going to increase to $47.00. Even at $47.00 I believe it is still well under-priced and you will agree with me when you see it and start following it.

So, enough time wasting with those other e-books that you may have accidentally stumbled across. It's time for you to get the right information that you can start using immediately, no messing about, no confusion, no time wasting, no guesswork, just a pure and simple step by step instructional guide (and video links) that is exactly what you need to start re-creating multiple digital products in a matter of hours rather than dragging the process out for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months! 12 months!! and even longer in some cases!!!

Order it Right Now
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Order Digital Product Creators MRR

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Order Digital Product Creators PLR

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Get it Right Now and
You'll also get...

Fast Action Bonus 1

How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP (Videos)
with Master Resale Rights

Gimp Video Tutorials

$47.00 value

Fast Action Bonus 2

HTML Simplified for Beginners
with Master Resale Rights

HTML Video Tutorials

$29.95 value

Fast Action Bonus 3

Optimize Your Websites
with Master Resale Rights

Optimize Your Websites

$37.00 value

Fast Action Bonus 4

How To Pull Money From
Any Resell Rights Product

with Master Resale Rights

how to pull money

$27.00 value

Fast Action Bonus 5

Resell Rights Ninja
with Master Resale Rights

resell rights ninja

$37.00 value

Fast Action Bonus 6

PLR Cash Domination
with Private Label Rights


$47.00 value

To Your Success
David O Connell

P.S. -  You'll also get Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights to this so you can sell it for any price you like. I recommend you sell it for around $37.00 with MRR

P.P.S. -  The $27 price will not remain very long, I suggest you get it now before you go and forget about it, and then come back later and see the price at $47.00
The Private Label Rights will be going up to $67.00

P.P.P.S. - You've got your 2 month 100% money back guarantee so you are not risking anything, and if this manual isn't everything I say it is then I'll give you your money back straight away. So don't wait around any longer, let's get your digital products out there today!

P.P.P.P.S - In the highly unlikely event that you still don't know what to do while using the manual, I have included bonus video tutorials along the way so you'll have a clear and absolute understanding of exactly what to do.

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